Why We are Different

South Sound Behavior Therapy assesses each learner individually. We do not follow “cook book” recipes for teaching our learners. Once the learner is assessed a program is developed based on the child’s specific deficits. No two children or programs are the same. Each child can progress at their own rate and our instructors are trained to understand this process. We utilize principles of ABA including but not limited to: shaping, chaining, prompting, fading, reinforcement, extinction, errorless teaching, and discrete trial training.



What We Believe

  • We believe every learner has the right to the most effective treatment possible.
  • We believe in research and data taking to guide our treatment decisions.
  • We believe every learner has the potential to acquire new skills.
  • We believe every learner has the right to be free of problem behaviors that limit or hinder the acquisition process.
  • We believe each learner is unique and should be treated and assessed individually.



  • Assessments (such as the ABLLS-r, VB-MAPP, Brigance etc.)
  • Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) & Behavior Reduction Plans
  • Training and shadowing teachers, instructors, parents, and therapists
  • Development/updates of ABA programming
  • Graphing/analyzing Data Observations in different environments for assessment purposes
  • Meetings (team, DOE, DOH, etc.)
  • Report Writing (ITP, IEP/IFSP reports, progress reports)


Where We Provide Services

Fort Lewis and the surrounding areas; Olympia, Lacey, Lakewood, Tumwater, and Tacoma.


Who We Provide Services To

We contract with:



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